Security is often thought of as 'keeping out the bad guys' but, when it comes to your data, it's so much more than that. Threats to your data come from inside your organisation too and with the mobile device revolution it's getting increasingly difficult to control and keep track of where your information is going.

Confidentiality Availability Integrity


Security is a puzzle made from lots of pieces. At Nimbus Blue, we take a holistic view of your information security and recognise that it's not always about confidentiality. Whilst this is important for many, what use is your data if the integrity cannot be assured or it simply isn't available when you need it to be? We will help you to identify the appropriate security controls to put in place to protect your crown jewels.

Once you've got your security controls in place, it's essential to regularly review them to ensure they're still effective and that no new risks have been introduced. Of course, we'd argue that all businesses should do this but it's critical for compliance with standards such as ISO 27001 and PCI DSS.

We can provide on-going management, review and development of your security strategy. This is the perfect way to ensure you always have meaningful policies that are enforced through effective procedures, standards and controls.

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