Improve your security posture

We take your security seriously, and we’re proud to say that Nimbus Blue was the first Aberdeen-based IT company to hold ISO 27001 certification for Information Security Management. Compliance is essential to ensure you are not only following industry standards, but also excelling in every possible area to keep your business secure.

Our Compliance Services

We’ll keep you right on security risks and compliance

We provide a range of compliance services to assess compliance gaps, implement necessary controls, and assist in risk assessments and security audits.

Our high-level review tests key common ‘soft spots’ in your organisation to help you identify some ‘quick wins’ to improve your security posture. It will help you to identify the key assets in your business and highlight any immediate vulnerabilities in your security.

Our reviews can be tailored to your needs, but typically include checks such as:

We will provide you with a comprehensive report of our findings along with recommendations to address any issues found.

Cyber attacks and data breaches are an ever-growing threat to organisations. Businesses are increasingly feeling the pressure from clients, stakeholders, and the government to show that they are secure and reliable.

If you want to give your customers assurance that you’re managing their data responsibly, a Cyber Essentials certification is the UK standard to protect your small business against the most common threats.

About Cyber Essentials Certification

ISO 27001 is the international standard for information security. Its framework enables organisations to promptly identify information security risks or breaches and select appropriate action to control and mitigate the issue. Our team can guide and assist you through the assessment framework, helping you to identify the gaps and what controls are needed to be ISO 27001 compliant.

Your staff are an integral part of your security defences, but can they recognise websites and links that are used as fronts for phishing and malware attacks? We provide on-going, meaningful training modules to keep staff alert and security aware.
Gauge the effectiveness of your training and identify weaknesses before they're used against you with our tailored phishing tests.
Knowing where to focus your resources when it comes to security can be tricky. It's too easy to spend time and money in the wrong places. Working with you to perform risk assessments, we can get you laser-focused on the right things for your business, right now.
Want to know where the weakest areas are on your systems? Our vulnerability assessments pinpoint technical weaknesses that could be easily exploited to gain access to your data.
Your written policies and procedures play a huge role in the overall security of your business. Modern practices, such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), bring a host of risks that cannot be fully addressed by security products. Get your policies and procedures properly aligned with your business for maximum protection.
Have one of our security experts on your team for regular reviews and advice, ensuring that your security is always in focus and moving with current trends and threats.