Don't let a poor connection get in your way

We understand the impact that network outages, connectivity issues and poor network performance can have on your business. Our team has the know-how and expertise to get you properly set up with a robust, reliable, and fully secure connection.

Our Connectivity Services

Empowering you with seamless connectivity solutions.

Connectivity (internet access) is at the heart of the modern business, whether for email, file access, telephone calls, or collaboration. Your team will do their best work when they have the best connectivity.

We’ve been helping companies across Scotland with their biggest IT challenges for the past 11 years, so we fully understand the importance of maintaining robust and reliable communications.

Getting your business connected to the Internet is easy, but is the connection right for you?

These days, there are lots of different options and each has its strengths and weaknesses. We’ll ensure you get the right connection for your business, whether you’re a small business or large enterprise.

Some of the common connectivity solutions we provide:
This is the broadband that is most used in households throughout the UK, and it is well suited to small businesses who don’t have heavy Internet usage or the need for a connection with consistent speeds. We often deploy this as a secondary backup connection for customers who want resilience in their connection.
Often called ‘fibre to the premises’ or FTTP, this is becoming a very popular option as it provides speeds many times faster than standard broadband, but without the premium price tag of leased lines. Your speed may vary at peak times when there’s high-demand.
An internet connection that’s all yours, so you get 100% of the speed 100% of the time. This remains the popular choice for larger businesses, or those that have a high dependence on connectivity for their operations.
If your business is in a remote area or an area that has high-speed mobile data available, using the mobile phone network as your primary internet connection could be a great solution. Combining this with one of the other connection types provides excellent resilience at a low cost.
These connections are often used to link sites that are spread across a wide area, such as workshops or campuses. It allows your business to create a network over a wide area without large cable runs, which are often impossible, or multiple Internet connections and complex configurations.