Communications and Remote Working

We keep your team working securely and communicating effectively

Whether your team is working from the office, from home, or from an airport lounge, it is vital to keep everyone working securely and communicating effectively. We have a range of innovative solutions to support remote and hybrid working practices.

Our Communications and Remote Working Services

Your team will collaborate like never before

Since the pandemic, many businesses have continued to adopt a more flexible and adaptive work model. Teams are embracing new ways of working together, bringing new opportunities and benefits, but also potential challenges. At Nimbus Blue, we’ll work with you to deliver the best solutions for collaborative and remote working to ensure your team is always communicating effectively, no matter where they are working from.

Microsoft Teams Phone

Traditional desk phones don’t make sense in today’s world. Agile, modern businesses need to take advantage of rich communications that are flexible, adaptable, and usable on all devices, no matter where they are in the world.

Microsoft Teams Phone simplifies and boosts your communications by providing calling, chat and video meetings in a single app, Microsoft Teams, which is now widely known and understood following the pandemic. Wholly cloud based and tightly integrated with the Microsoft 365 suite, your team will collaborate like never before.

Cloud based and useable across Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android, your team can stay connected on the move with a single phone number.

All the enterprise features you’re used to, without the tricky setup. Use call queues, groups, and transfers to make sure calls are picked up and handled by the right people. Voicemail is there when you need it.
Select the calling plans that make sense for your business and mix-and-match them to get the most cost-effective solution for you. The inclusive calling plans means you can keep telephone costs under control.
Teams Phone has a simple setup like other Microsoft solutions, and our experts will take care of it all. We’ll even provide training sessions and resource material to help your staff use it effectively.

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Remote Workstation

Does your team rely on workstations at their desks to do their work? Perhaps they use powerful software or connect to internal infrastructure that means they can’t be equipped with portable equipment, such as laptops and tablets, to get their work done.

Though they may be able to access data using solutions such as a VPN or remote desktop infrastructure, these are often slow, unstable, difficult to use or manage, and costly. What if there was a simple solution without breaking the bank?

Our remote access solution allows your team to access their workstation from anywhere, on any device, easily. Fully secured end-to-end, your data cannot be transferred off the workstation, keeping it within your network and avoiding accidental data leaks or unnecessary duplication. All connections are logged, allowing you to verify who is connecting and when, and detect potentially malicious behaviour.

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