Case Study

EV Private Equity

Enriching cyber security in private equity

Ev Private Equity

About the client

In 2019, we started working with EV Private Equity (EV).

EV is an independent growth equity firm with expertise in building world-class technology companies in the oil and gas space.

We provided the company with our enhanced Pro-Cover service, which includes:

  • Better security with Office 365 backup
  • Email journaling
  • Device encryption
  • Mobile device management
  • Two-factor authentication

Client objectives

EV came to Nimbus Blue in January 2019. Karem Kobayashi, Compliance Manager at EV notes, “EV understands how crucial IT security is for our growing business, investors and portfolio. We’d come from periods of managing IT ourselves or through an external provider, but none of this had so far achieved what we’ve achieved through Nimbus Blue on such a short time frame.”

“Because of the type of work and data we hold, we needed to make sure that data stored is secure and in line with GDPR. In light of a growing number of cyber attacks, we wanted to ensure our IT systems were bullet-proof and have someone manage the IT function as it should be. We understood it was time to take this step and introduce a fully managed IT service through a strong and reputable IT provider.”

Services provided

David Tawse, MD at Nimbus Blue notes, “We committed to giving full support that ensures peace of mind for EV.”

We conducted an IT security review, which EV was keen to follow through with and put in place. Mrs Kobayashi describes the first steps with Nimbus Blue,

“Our Office Manager knew of David and recommended him. David came to our office and spent 2 days looking at devices such as Wi-Fi, printers, our internal systems and how we deal with IT in general. He provided us with a final report of the findings, which we found extremely helpful.”

As part of our security reviews, we provide an easy-to-understand report identifying key areas that need attention along with recommendations on how to address them.

Previous cyber security awareness training together with the review led EV to request a proposal for centralised IT support from Nimbus Blue. “During all the interactions that we had with Nimbus Blue, I came to realise we are dealing with very good people, both ethically and professionally,” says Mrs Kobayashi.

EV asked for references, which included talking to one of our clients, Add Energy. Based on recommendations, EV engaged Nimbus Blue as its IT security provider.

Outcome & results

After a period of managing their own cyber security before engaging with us, we were aware that it would take time to adjust to having an external IT provider. We took small steps, ensuring that we communicated often and well with the EV team, a team that spans Aberdeen, Stavanger and Houston. As a result, there has been significant progress in the last six months.

Mrs Kobayashi is positive about EV’s experience so far stating,

“David and his team worked tirelessly during the on-boarding process. They’ve done a great job, doing whatever it takes to find the right solution and get buy-in from the teams.”

We also supported the development of an IT policy for EV Private Equity based upon industry’s highest standards. This was crucial as an overarching step towards enhanced cyber security for the company.

“I’m very impressed with the team, led by David. The team is very competent, very professional and knowledgeable in IT security. Having them onboard means piece of mind and the certainty that our IT systems are in good hands. I know that if a big issue occurs, I can rely on them,” concludes Mrs Kobayashi, Compliance Manager at EV Private Equity.