Case Study


Developing a bespoke suite of security tools and services

About the client

Acumine® is a leading specialist in the field of data analytics and business intelligence, with a mission to empower clients to harness their data effectively, extracting maximum value to inform decision-making. With a proven track record in construction and the built environment, Acumine® offers strategic consultancy, collaborating closely with Executives and Senior Leaders to formulate robust data and digital strategies. Their suite of services extends from programme and project management to cutting-edge technical development, encompassing Cloud Data Engineering, Data Analytics, and Data Visualisation.

Client objectives

Having already successfully achieved ISO 27001 certification, Acumine® engaged with Nimbus Blue to ensure continual improvement and ongoing compliance, with the certification, as well as the quality assurance criteria of ISO 9001. Given the technical complexities of the certification, the company was keen to work with an external trusted partner that had already undertaken the ISO 27001 certification, and therefore, had the expertise to confidently advise on what was required to meet and exceed the compliance framework criteria. Nimbus Blue was recommended as a best-fit partner to deliver the client’s objectives.

Services provided

Working closely with Acumine®, the Nimbus Blue team developed a bespoke suite of security tools and services to support objectives to continually meet and exceed the compliance needs of the ISO 27001 certification. This included:

  • Advanced encryption tools
  • Next-Gen Anti-Virus tools
  • Advanced data back-up and protection services

Outcome & results

The bespoke suite of security tools and services provided by Nimbus Blue has enabled Acumine® to continually meet the criteria of the ISO 27001 compliance framework and compliment their internal competence and commitment to Cybersecurity. The adoption of Nimbus Blue as its IT partner has also provided Acumine® with the ability to oversee their Cyber and Information Security needs from within, without the need to fully outsource these on-going IT requirements.

“Nimbus Blue have proven themselves as a dependable partner, complementing our robust internal commitment to Cyber and Information Security. In today’s dynamic landscape, maintaining the highest standards through regular review is paramount. We greatly value our collaboration with Nimbus Blue, ensuring that our processes not only meet, but lead with current best practices.”
– Daniel Maddocks, Director, Acumine®.

Results included

  • Significantly reduced potential cyber threats
  • Continual improvement and ongoing compliance with the ISO 27001 compliance framework
  • Ability to work collaboratively on Cyber and Information Security needs from within