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There are all sorts of smart technologies out there to help keep your information secure but no matter how much you spend on technology your people pose a risk if they don’t know what their role is in protecting the business. You have CCTV and intruder alarms but still train your staff on how to spot and challenge physical intruders because you realise that they are the eyes and ears of the organisation. Why should it be any different for your digital security? Your staff are invaluable in helping you protect the organisation against both internal and external cyber threats.

"Excellent learning opportunity – really enhanced awareness of threats. Liked “real life” examples included in course."

Simple mistakes like clicking ‘phishing’ links, using untrusted USB sticks and public Wi-Fi can put your organisation at risk by infecting a workstation, allowing hackers in, introducing a ransomware attack or even starting a cyberheist. It’s no use to simply say “don’t do it” to your staff – humans are humans and will keep doing the same things until they understand why they should do it differently. To make a real change, your staff need to understand and recognise the risks in typical day-to-day situations.

Many organisations choose to provide awareness training using computer-based learning, where the staff watch a series of videos and answer some questions. While this can be effective in ‘training’ large numbers of staff quickly, we don’t believe this achieves the goal of actually creating an army of well-trained and vigilant computer users who truly understand the risks.

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Our training sessions are delivered classroom-style at your offices by our security expert who draws on his experience and skills to demonstrate how evildoers can exploit weaknesses in human behaviour to access your data. By delivering the training face-to-face and in a familiar environment your staff will engage with the subject matter and can get immediate answers to their questions. The sessions cover common risk areas and can be adapted to suit your company policy and practices. Common risk areas include Email/Anti-Phishing, Mobile Device Security, Public Wi-Fi, Social Engineering and much more.

Our customers choose our awareness training to meet their compliance requirements for accreditations such as ISO 27001, for their own peace of mind or to reinforce their commitment to security to the workforce.

Whether you have 10 staff or 10,000, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable our Security Awareness Training is.

"Very good presentation style - always the concern that an IT subject is delivered in "Geek" - but not a bit of it!"

- Client Testimonial

"Thoroughly enjoyed the session! Hugely valuable & informative – invaluable to individuals & companies alike. An educational must & brilliant delivery. Managed to attain 100% audience attention – fun & friendly."

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"Very informative and an eye opener"

- Client Testimonial

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