Nimbus Blue joins the ScotlandIS ITMSP Cluster and Best Practice Charter

Nimbus Blue is proud to announce that they have signed on to the ScotlandIS IT Managed Service Providers (ITMSP) Cluster and Best Practice Charter, a landmark initiative that aims to elevate Scotland’s IT support industry and set new standards for excellence.

ScotlandIS, the trade body and cluster management organisation for Scotland’s digital sector, launched the ITMSP Cluster and Best Practice Charter on 28 September 2023. The initiative represents a significant step forward in strengthening Scotland’s ITMSP industry and fostering collaboration within the tech community.

The Best Practice Charter establishes clear standards that customers can expect from IT Managed Service providers across Scotland. It covers areas such as service delivery, cyber security, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement. This is aligned with Nimbus Blue’s customer service first approach, with quality service achieved through exceptional relationships with their clients, suppliers, business partners, and employees.  

In addition, the ITMSP Cluster creates a dedicated hub for the industry, cultivating knowledge sharing, quality standardisation, and enriched partnership working among ScotlandIS’ extensive network of over 200 IT Managed Services Providers. By joining the cluster, Nimbus Blue not only benefits from the wealth of expertise and resources available in the ScotlandIS network but can also contribute to the innovation and growth of Scotland’s IT sector.

Andy Turner, Security Lead at Nimbus Blue said: “Signing on to the ScotlandIS ITMSP Cluster and Best Practice Charter demonstrates our commitment to adhering to best practices and delivering exceptional services to our clients. We are excited to be part of this initiative and look forward to working with ScotlandIS and other charter members to drive excellence and innovation in the IT Managed Services field.” 

Andy Turner - Security Lead, Nimbus Blue

Karen Meechan, Chief Executive at ScotlandIS, said: “In today’s digital landscape, where digitalisation is imperative, and the risk of cyber threats is high, effective IT management plays a pivotal role. The seamless operation, success, and strength of a business hinge upon the robustness of its IT infrastructure. This new cluster, supported by the Scottish Government’s Cyber Resilience Unit, is hugely important in ensuring that Scotland is cyber resilient and allows companies to share a wealth of expertise in one place.” 

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