A Strategic Partnership

Want a strategic partnership for your business and a service that's easy to budget for? Then you've come to the right place.

Pro-Cover leverages our unique Tech Success process to ensure that your IT and security is aligned with your business strategy. It also drives alignment with the ever-changing best practices of IT and cyber security to prevent you sleep-walking into obsolescence.

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  • Regular strategy review and planning meeting
  • Powerful, enterprise-grade security tools and management
  • Our unique Tech Success process
  • Dark web scanning
  • Unlimited remote and onsite IT support
  • Unlimited cloud backup
  • Continuous security training and phishing tests
  • Password management
  • Asset and warranty tracking
  • Free, fully managed on-boarding


"David and his team's expert advice and wealth of knowledge has been invaluable at this crucial time of our growth, and has allowed us to move forward up-scaling opportunities with ease and peace of mind."

Peter Adam, Managing Director, Add Energy



The Power of Tech Success

Loved by our clients, Tech Success is our unique process that makes sure we're keeping up with the changes and challenges in your business, and that you're keeping up with the evolving best practices for IT and cyber security.

To achieve this, our Tech Success engineers routinely run various, focussed assessments for your business. These assessments are then reviewed by our senior management, acting as a virtual Chief Information Officer for your business, to produce a meaningful input to the regular strategy meetings with you. The goal is to allow you to make informed, conscious decisions about IT that impact your business positively.

Our assessments are not automated - they are carried out by highly-experienced technicians and reviewed by senior management before findings are brought to you, so you can be assured of valuable, considered results.

Security Built-in

Our customers choose Nimbus Blue and Pro-Cover because they know we have a pedigree in security and trust us to advise them honestly and justifiably. We've built Pro-Cover to provide a very high standard of security for small businesses, and we're constantly adapting it to address the current prevalent threats to businesses like yours.



  • Advanced, AI-driven workstation security
  • Windows and Mac security update management
  • Windows and Mac firewall management
  • Security assessment and report
  • Dark web scanning
  • Centralised password management and control
  • Disk encryption mangement
  • Cisco Talos DNS protection
  • Advanced email threat protection
  • Remote working VPN
  • Real-time security dashboard


All of these features are fully managed and monitored by our highly experienced team to act swiftly, when needed, to protect your business.


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