How to Seamlessly Transition to a New IT Managed Support Provider

Changing to a new IT Managed Support Provider can be a significant undertaking for a business, and you may be reluctant to make the switch, even if you are experiencing poor response times, high costs, or an obvious skills gap. Nimbus Blue’s Technical Operations Manager, Stewart Houston, looks at some of the top reasons why businesses seek to change their IT provider and what to consider when making the switch.

Q: What are the top 3 reasons that prompt a business to change their IT Managed Support provider?

“Some businesses may find that their current IT provider does not have the expertise, experience, or the resources to meet their needs, leading them to look for another provider. Another reason for switching providers is a failing relationship, which can arise from a lack of respect, openness, and honesty during communication. The third reason is where an invoice-centric focus to service delivery promotes a feeling of being overcharged. This can leave a customer dissatisfied and drives a reduction in engagement, leading to an inevitable degradation of the customer service experience.”

Q: What are the main concerns that businesses have when considering switching to a new IT Managed Support provider?

“Knowledge is built up over time with a provider, so many businesses are rightly concerned about the potential loss of this knowledge during the transition to a new provider. Another concern is the anticipated disruption to services during the transition process, as well as the cost of the transition itself and the timeline to establish trust and rapport with the new provider. Finally, there is often anxiety around the uncertainty of the quality, reliability, and responsiveness of the new service; and understandably so if these are issues experienced with the current provider.”

Q: What should a business ask a potential new provider to ensure a smooth transition and a successful partnership when switching providers?

“As part of your due diligence, the top five things you should ask your new provider are:

  1. Do you have a proven track record of effective implementation of service migrations?
  2. What are the roles and responsibilities of your team and ours during the transition process?
  3. How will you communicate with us and our existing provider throughout the transition process?
  4. What is the timeline for transition of service from our present provider?
  5. How will you cultivate a collaborative and trusting relationship with us?

A reputable IT Managed Support Provider will readily be able to provide you with concise verifiable assurances to these questions to gain your confidence that they are the right choice to successfully support your business through the transition process, and onwards, during your journey together.”

Q: How do you ensure a seamless transition when switching providers to Nimbus Blue?

“We make the transition process as simple and as stress-free as possible, handling all the technical elements of switching IT provider. Our transition projects utilise a proven gated implementation methodology and are managed by industry certified project managers. An initial assessment of your operation is conducted with close integration with your existing provider to ensure all available information is identified and captured within our management systems. Our team are experienced and certified knowledge experts with a proven track record and decades of industry experience.”

If you are thinking about making the switch, asking the right questions is essential to ensure a smooth transition and a successful partnership with your new IT provider. A reputable IT Managed Support provider will give you the confidence to focus on your business without having to worry about any security issues, or any disruptions to your IT services.

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