Guaranteed Response Times

The Nimbus Blue Response Time Guarantee

“Speak to a technician on the phone within 60 seconds”

If you call our help desk number, we’ll have you connected to a technician within 60 seconds at least 95% of the time. The technician will endeavour to assist you immediately, though they will apply our prioritisation levels during busy times, as defined below.

If you send a request to our help desk address, we’ll respond based on our prioritisation levels, as defined below, at least 95% of the time, but usually much faster!


The Response Time Guarantee does not apply to:

  • Additions, moves or changes to users, devices, configurations, or network;
  • Requests raised in any other manner than by calling our help desk number or sending an email to our help desk address;
  • Requests raised outside of our normal business hours;
  • Items caused by Hardware or Software not meeting our Minimum Standards;
  • Requests related to Software not on our Approved Software List;
  • Requests for issues that have been caused by You not acting on advice or recommendations given by Us;
  • Requests for Issues caused by You or third parties modifying any Hardware or Software Configuration;
  • Requests for issues related to user-initiated Virus and Malware Infections;
  • Requests for Issues involving the sourcing of hardware and/or software;
  • Requests for Hardware or Software issues relating to items that are not under current manufacturer warranty or maintenance coverage.

Request Prioritisation

Your Main Server is offline and all users are unable to work.
1 Hour
One of your Network Switches has failed and stopped half the company from working.
A VPN link between your offices is offline causing one office to be unable to work.
Your Internet Connection is offline, users can still work locally or on another connection.
2 Hours
Your CEO’s computer has stopped working.
Your main Accounting Software has stopped working.
A user’s computer won’t turn on so they can’t work.
4 Hours
One of the main printers is not working, but users can print to another one.
A user is having problems connecting to the Wireless network.
Printing is slower than normal.
8 Hours
A single user is unable to scan.
A user needs a program installed on their PC.
No Priority
Pro-Active maintenance of systems.

If the response time to a request exceeds the times set out above and provided that you reported the incident to us via the methods stated above, you may make a claim for credit within 7 days of the request date in writing to

If we agree your claim is valid, you will be credited 5% of the monthly Agreement amount (this does not include any additional charges incurred in that month) of the month of the request, to a maximum of 10% per month.

If the request is lodged outside our normal business hours, the Response Time Guarantee does not apply.