How Cyber Security Fits into Your Information Security Policy

IT policies can be a bit of a misnomer.

Historically, companies had an “IT Policy”, or they may have called it an “Acceptable Use Policy” or a “Computer Policy”. These policies tended to be brief and contained mainly what employees could not do. You’d typically find things like “Don’t use social media at these times”. 

Nimbus Blue Welcomes New Technical Team Lead, Andy Turner

Our newest employee, Andy Turner, joined us in June this year. It has been a busy few months for him and we are delighted to have him onboard. This month, he was able to spare a few minutes to talk about his career journey and how his new role at Nimbus Blue is shaping up!

Employees and Cyber Security – The Importance of Education

It is tempting for business owners to think that their organisation’s cyber security risk is completely mitigated by installing software. Or they believe that the IT department or company is wholly in control – this is not true.

The right tools are critical, of course.  However, as the proverbial phrase goes: a tool is only as good as its user. 

4 Qualities of a Customer-focused IT Provider

Most IT providers are founded and run by people who have deep understandings of all sorts of software, hardware, security solutions and the likes. Nimbus Blue is no different.

Our instinct might be to go straight to your server or to tinker with your laptops and phones. 

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