Nimbus Blue Welcomes New Technical Team Lead, Andy Turner

Nimbus Blue Welcomes New Technical Team Lead, Andy Turner

  • 31 Oct 2019
  • Written by David

Our newest employee, Andy Turner, joined us in June this year. It has been a busy few months for him and we are delighted to have him onboard. This month, he was able to spare a few minutes to talk about his career journey and how his new role at Nimbus Blue is shaping up!

Meet Andy

What’s your background and experience before coming to Nimbus Blue?

Andy: I’ve worked in IT since 2006 and had a range of positions both within the IT function in companies and with managed service providers like Nimbus Blue. I worked my way up from second line support up to server and infrastructure support including a few team leader roles.

How would you describe your role at Nimbus Blue?

Andy: Varied. Challenging, certainly from a technical perspective. But it always keeps me on my toes, so I’m finding it interesting and dynamic.

Andy’s Role as Technical Team Lead

What is a typical day for you?

Andy: Excluding the coffee first thing in the morning (laughs), I check-in to see if there have been any incidents in the last few hours. When you’ve not been in overnight and over the weekend especially, it’s crucial to attend to that first as clients might have had issues. Usually, my day consists of lots of project work and/or research. Sometimes, I have questions from the other guys in the team if they’ve come across a tricky technical issue. Or if things are raised that they’re not quite sure about, they’ll pass to me to look at.

You haven’t been in the role long but what are you enjoying the most so far?

Andy: It’s probably the diversity of the client base. It’s not just one vertical that we’re dealing with. We have multiple clients from multiple different disciplines and fields – it keeps things interesting. If you’ve got everyone in the same sort of sector, it tends to be that everything fits on top of them and all the products are the same with the same working practices, operating models and nothing really changes from client to client apart from the name on the product. But with so many different clients across the product base, it does mean that there is that diversity. You need to tailor things a little bit more to each one.

Andy’s View on Our Client Base

With the client base, you talk about diversity. What sort of industries are you dealing with at Nimbus Blue?

Andy: Across the board, we’ve got charities, financial services, marketing, energy sector, small local businesses over a range of disciplines, and obviously oil and gas being based in Aberdeen. We cover a diverse client base.

What are you finding are the main challenges that bring these companies to Nimbus Blue, and what is it that makes them decide to use you?

Andy: In the beginning, start-ups might rely on someone internally who knows a bit about IT. They are quite useful when they are a young, small company. It does help a lot; they’ll help the company grow and put in a few systems e.g. wireless internet. Nowadays, it’s a lot easier to set up cloud-based email systems and they will set that kind of stuff up. But at a certain point, the company will realise that they can no longer support themselves due to growth, complexity, limited resources and so on. And that’s where Nimbus Blue can step in. We look at what they’ve got and help manage, grow, develop and push that side of the IT strategy forward. It frees up time and resources for the companies and they can stop doing something that really isn’t their job.

With the number of clients that you have and the diverse industries that you work with, what would you say Nimbus Blue are particularly good at when serving these clients?

Andy: Because we’re not specifically tied down to a single vendor, if a client comes to us with a problem, we can look across a range of solutions to find the best fit for them. The product stack that we suggest changes as the marketplace changes. Also, we’re not fixed on a single product. If we pick a product, that’s the right fit for our clients at that time but it doesn’t mean we’re going to sit on that, we keep looking to make sure it’s still the right product. We’ll let the client know if something else comes into the marketplace that’s maybe better than that. It’s that sort of dynamic nature of the products and solutions that we’re offering that benefit our clients the most.

Blog Quote Meet Andy

What the Next 12 Months Hold for Clients Working with Nimbus Blue

What can your existing and potential clients look forward to over the next 12 months as to how Nimbus Blue will be serving them?

Andy: We’re constantly evaluating the products we’re using to offer better, more efficient services. That’s an ongoing process to make sure changes in the products that we already have out there are fed into the client base. If new features are released, we’re utilising them to the full potential. But we are also still looking at other products that might fulfil the same role so that if a product we’re currently using is no longer the best-of-class or the best fit, that we’re ready to change.  

So, you’re always evolving and looking at the marketplace for your clients to make sure that’s the best?

Andy: Yeah, it’s about constant evaluation and making sure that the products we’re using at the time are the best and we ensure that we’re using them to the best of our ability for the client. We still keep an eye out for emerging products that might be even better so that our clients have the best products for their needs.

What would you say to a company who has an internal “IT guy” that knows a little bit about the stuff and the company is tinkering along and are considering looking at an external service provider?

Andy: A conversation with a managed service provider such as Nimbus Blue is always going to be completely free. All you have to do is go to the meeting, time is the most expensive thing for any small business. I would always say to a prospective client that they should go into these meetings with a clear idea of where they are and where you want to be. A good discussion will generate a conversation about current IT constraints and pain points. At Nimbus Blue, we want to know where your problems lie so that we can help you achieve your business goals.

Thanks, Andy!

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