4 Qualities of a Customer-focused IT Provider

4 Qualities of a Customer-focused IT Provider

  • 29 Aug 2019
  • Written by David

Most IT providers are founded and run by people who have deep understandings of all sorts of software, hardware, security solutions and the likes. Nimbus Blue is no different.

Our instinct might be to go straight to your server or to tinker with your laptops and phones. 

However, customer-focused IT providers resist giving in to that instinct and ask questions like:

“What does this customer want?  What does the business need?”

...and, most importantly, customer-focused IT providers listen to the answers coming from all levels of the organisation.

Their purpose isn’t merely to provide technical fixes.  It is to dive into the customer’s requirements and find the right solutions.

Following that, customer-focused IT providers create an ongoing relationship to ensure that they continue to meet the customer’s needs.

Here are four great qualities that you should absolutely be looking out for in an IT provider:

1 - They live out their values

If you’ve been doing your research for an IT provider, you’re probably being bombarded with marketing materials. Some companies share their values as part of their communications. But do they pay these more than lip service?

Are there case studies that mirror these values? Do they have relevant testimonials from their clients? Ask about and talk to your networks to get an understanding of their reputation.

2 - Feedback is requested, and acted upon

Ask if they can provide you with examples showing how they request and receive feedback from all levels of the organisations that they work with - not just the top-level decision-makers, but middle managers and admin staff, too.

Challenge them on what they do when their performance doesn’t live up to expectations.  Do they have a KPI for customer service?  How do they act upon that customer feedback?

3 - They provide honest solutions

Many people have a fear, or aversion, to the IT industry.  It’s understandable; big players have gained us a poor reputation for using jargon and adding unnecessary complexity.

Does the IT provider counteract this by offering honest solutions? 

No IT provider should be incentivised to sell a particular product or skill for purely monetary gain. 

4 – The customer’s needs are first

Most IT companies align themselves to certain products. One reason for this is because they can’t know about every service and product out there.

Any IT provider should only sell you something because they know it will work for your business.  A classic example is an IT provider pushing the sale of a physical server into a company. The IT company will get a cut of the sale. This could lower motivation for the IT provider to realistically look at today’s market and point out that becoming cloud-enabled might reduce (or eliminate) the need for a server.

4 Qualities of a Customer-focused IT Provider

Growth Could Hinder Customer-Centricity

A challenge for any IT provider is how to retain these qualities as they grow.  There is no silver bullet for maintaining a culture of customer focus with new staff and more clients.

IT companies tend to be small businesses with under 50 employees. As the company grows from say 4 or 5 employees to 20, it can have a big impact on their customer-centric focus. These small businesses need to work hard and deliberately to keep the customer at the centre of their business.

Rapid growth could fracture team responsibilities and invite more reactive, rather than proactive IT support.

At Nimbus Blue, we purposefully control our growth. We are more focused on supporting a client if they are a good fit with our values. Also, if a potential client requires us to recruit quickly, needing to skip our usual processes, we are unlikely to take on that client. The pressure is on for businesses to always be expanding, but carefully considered growth is crucial.

How Nimbus Blue Drives Customer Focus

These two main factors ensure that we at Nimbus Blue maintain our customer focus as we grow:

  1. Our internal hierarchy is designed around communication flow, with a slant to customer-centric processes.
  2. We continuously instil a culture of customer focus in terms of the ‘soft’ stuff (values, leadership) and the harder stuff (processes, feedback, strategies) e.g. how customer feedback feeds into appraisal processes and planning strategies. 

These considerations ensure that, even as Nimbus Blue scales, customer satisfaction remains at the core of our business. That's why we are different.


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