5 Values that Drive How We Work at Nimbus Blue

5 Values that Drive How We Work at Nimbus Blue

  • 25 Jul 2019
  • Written by David

Our customer satisfaction rating remains high at 98.5% (based on 133 reviews in the last three months). We believe this is because we always aim to provide a proactive and friendly customer-focused service. Ultimately, Nimbus Blue is here to help its customers to align their IT with their business objectives. 

Those are our intentions. But any organisation can have the best intentions. However, if their IT support is either too simplistic or overly excessive, an organisation’s progress will be held back.

Nimbus Blue has five clearly defined values, each of which helps us to achieve our aim.

You’ll notice that each value feeds into the next and that all are interlinked.


1 - Integrity

This is deliberately our first value. Nimbus Blue is built on integrity, which incorporates honesty, too. Integrity is the only foundation on which any meaningful long-term relationship can be built. We always try to do things ‘the right way’, meaning morally right, as well as technically.


2 - Relationships

Nimbus Blue creates, builds and nurtures relationships with customers, suppliers and business partners. Each of these must be managed in a specific way.

Relationships are only ever leveraged to the mutual benefit of every party involved.

This helps us to produce a quality of service which not only meets but exceeds expectations.


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3 - Innovation

To maintain a competitive advantage for our clients, it’s critical that we value innovation.

The fields we operate in are naturally fast moving. To stay ahead, Nimbus Blue staff are always challenged with developing themselves and their skills. This also helps us to enjoy our work!

Innovation is encouraged in all respects: we empower our people at all levels - technical, leadership, administrative - to challenge established practices so we can continually improve both our customer service and our working environment.


4 - Pride

Sharing ideas and contributing to innovation helps to create our fourth value: Pride. We take pride individually, and as a team, in all the work that we do, because we recognise that self-respect is what drives professionalism. This in itself helps our customers to have confidence in our skills, and trust us to keep their IT aligned with their business.

However, Nimbus Blue is fully aware that pride should never be taken to the point where it becomes defensiveness. Our staff accept and act on constructive criticism from all angles: customers, suppliers, and other colleagues, allowing us to stay nimble. This feeds into our final value: Our People.


5 - Our People

Staff are written into the values of the organisation because Nimbus Blue recognises that without our people, we cannot achieve our aim, and our values become meaningless. We are a team, using our skills to produce a service which is much greater than the sum of its parts.

Treating each other with mutual compassion and respect - and creating an environment that recognises and celebrates success both for individuals and the company as a whole - helps us to develop and retain the best people. This means we deliver the best service that we can.


Those are Nimbus Blue’s five values: Integrity, Relationships, Innovation, Pride, and Our People. We live and breathe them: they form the foundation of how we judge ourselves as a company, how we recruit, how staff are evaluated.

In decision-making scenarios - whether that’s everyday processes for clients or long-term development on our own business - our values are our framework. This helps to ensure we don’t stray from our aim: to provide a customer-centric IT service.


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