We Were at TUBS 2019: Are Your Personal Details on the Dark Web?

We Were at TUBS 2019: Are Your Personal Details on the Dark Web?

  • 13 Jun 2019
  • Written by David

If you attended The Ultimate Business Show (TUBS) last Wednesday, you’d probably agree that the calibre of exhibitors and attendees were high. We are so pleased that we were one of those exhibitors! Our theme was The Dark Web. 

Anyone that walked past our stand noticed the dreaded crime scene. Or should we say, dreaded cyber-crime scene? We had CAUTION tape everywhere and fake blood. We even had a dead laptop at the scene. 


The idea was this: Visitors to our stand could enter their company domain name or email address into our live data search tool. The results would tell us whether any of the visitor’s personal information is on sale on the dark web. “Can you really do that?” asked a lot of people. Yes, we can! While some people declined to search the dark web, many of our stand visitors were keen to know if their personal information existed on the dark web. Such personal information could include passwords, date of birth and home address. We had some interesting results! For instance, one establishment had thousands of personally identifiable information (PII) available on the dark web. Another company had over 800.


Often the PIIs will relate to employees who have left the company, but their email addresses are still available. Even if, as a business, you have disabled the ex-employee’s email address, access to their password could still compromise your cyber security. Business email addresses are often more valuable than personal ones on the dark web. With access to corporate systems, the perpetrator can potentially con businesses out of millions of pounds! Some of our brave visitors noted, “I never used to see as many scam emails as I do now.” Indeed, a sudden surge in suspicious emails (often called phishing emails) could signal a breach that has exposed your personal details.


If you’re a business, there’s a real chance that one or more of your systems has been compromised e.g. accounting, graphic design or CRM software. At Nimbus Blue, we can support businesses in their quest for heightened cyber security. With regular searches on the dark web, we are able to inform businesses of impeding threats so that the right steps can be taken. Businesses can change passwords, provide employee security awareness training and/or update their systems depending on the kind of threats that we find.


If you’d like to find out more or you think that your business could benefit from this such of service, please contact Jamie on (Aberdeen) 01224 608190; (Edinburgh) 0131 202 1541 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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