Breaking down IT Stereotypes to build a Customer Service Culture

Breaking down IT Stereotypes to build a Customer Service Culture

  • 25 Jul 2018
  • Written by David

Not all IT people are the same and we aim to smash that stereotype... read on to see why the team at Nimbus Blue are different!

When we think about an IT person, some of us have specific images of what the person is like. We might think of an introverted person who can’t look you in the eye, who shuffles about and mumbles. These guys are often technically brilliant! But they might not be easy to talk to when you need to pick up the phone to them.

These stereotypes are far away from how I view myself. I’m very much a people-person. My journey into IT hasn’t been a deliberate choice. It’s just the way things went for me.  In this blog, I will tell you about my journey into IT and how, at Nimbus Blue, breaking down stereotypes has served us well.

Computer Science vs TGI Friday’s

Computers barely existed when I was a youngster - but I loved electronics. I chose to study Computer Science at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.

During my studies, I worked for various organisations. My roles were very focused on customer service, which I thoroughly enjoyed. By the time I graduated, I was the Head Bartender at TGI Friday's. I decided not to go into computing in the short-term because I was enjoying my role at TGI's so much. Looking back, there were several things that energised me in the role - the team, customers, the constant interactions and the stories. It was just fantastic!

However, the software engineering market was very buoyant at the time and, soon after graduation, I was offered a role too good to refuse. I was accepted into a graduate programme to train as a software engineer with a major international company. I learned a lot in the role, and after four years, I was the technical team lead on some significant projects.

I found the creative side engaging but the job was unsociable. I didn’t often get to talk with clients because I spent most of my time at my desk, coding. Unsurprisingly, I became increasingly frustrated with that.


Breaking down IT Stereotypes to build a Customer Service Culture Quote


Not Your Typical IT guy

Becoming self-employed was a leap of faith when I began a domestic IT support business. I wasn’t sure that I had the technical skillset to do it. But it became apparent over time that my customers were far more appreciative of the level of service than technical know-how. Referring back to the IT stereotypes, they perhaps had assumptions of what I’d be like.

Typically, I’d come through their door, bubbly and smiling. I’d greet them and have a bit of chit-chat about their day while I worked away on their computer problem. When possible, I’d explain what I’d done to fix the problem. Sometimes, they didn’t want to know! Overall, I wasn’t what they expected.

I realised that people had a fear of calling “IT” because they worried about being bamboozled or conned. In the domestic IT business, the customers truly valued working with someone they could trust and relate to.

The foundation of customer service and trust from my domestic IT days forms the core values of Nimbus Blue today.

Sustaining a Customer Service Culture

Nimbus Blue operates a business-to-business environment and I deliberately strive for non-stereotypical, high-quality customer service. Our ambition to be consistent in this shows in our recruitment and service delivery processes. When we recruit staff, we put great emphasis on personality and character in addition to the technical elements of the job.

Therefore, we are always interested in the customer service background of job applicants. We ask about their interest and hobbies. For instance, we are keen on candidates that love amateur dramatics or team sports. These are very interesting for us.

As a business, we often receive comments from customers saying our IT guys are different from their expectations, and how refreshing that is. We carry out feedback surveys and most comments reflect our friendly and interactive customer service.

For sure, we are not your stereotypical IT company and we work hard to keep it that way.

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