Dude, where's my power?

Dude, where's my power?

  • 02 Mar 2015
  • Written by David

How well does your business function during a power cut? We had the unfortunate experience today of suffering a 3-hour, site-wide power cut on the very first day of being in our new office.

Now, we share our building with several other business and we very quickly found that people from the other businesses had resigned themselves to chatting around the coffee machine as they couldn’t get on with any work. Lots of lost productivity.

Keeping Connected

We, on the other hand, fell back on our 4G data connection and continued merrily working away thanks to the cloud (and fully charged laptop batteries).

As all our data and communications are cloud-based we can work with any internet connection anywhere. How ready are you to respond to such unwelcome interruptions?

Versatile Cloud Computing

There are lots of different ways for companies to take advantage of the cloud and there’s no “one size fits all”. For email there is the hugely popular Microsoft Office 365 (Exchange Online) and for file storage there are some major players like Dropbox for Business, OneDrive, Egnyte and many, many more.

If you wanted to take things further then you may consider using cloud for your server infrastructure and completely hosted desktops with providers such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. These services allow you to put all your computing into a subscription type service and access it using a simple, low-powered device from anywhere.

Cloud Hosting for Phones

Telephones are not immune from the cloud treatment either. If you want your desk phones to have all the features you expect but without the price tag of installing a typical PBX system then ‘hosted’ is what you need. Cheap, fast and much easier to maintain.

Cloud Technology Solutions

You’ll have a tough time trying to find a “traditional” software system that hasn’t also been morphed into cloud form. Think of CRM, ERM, accounts, payroll, HR and many, many more. Now you really have no excuse to be productive from anywhere, anytime.

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