Dark Web Trends: How to Become a Cyber Resilient Business

The dark web’s underbelly is a gold mine for cyber crime. Such crimes range from sophisticated nationwide hacking to compromised account takeovers and phishing scams.

Think Your Small Business Won't Get Attacked? Of Course it Will!

You are probably not a multi-national organisation with 50,000 employees spread across the globe, you are probably not a company with a multi-billon dollar annual turnover, and you are probably not in possession of top-secret intellectual property that would be worth billions to your competitors.

So you are probably not going to be on the receiving end of a cyber-attack, right?

IT For a Hybrid Workplace
25 Aug 2021

IT For a Hybrid Workplace

Written by David

It's that time. Your alarm goes off for work. Which day is it, though?

Depending on the day, you grab a coffee, quick shower and into your home office you go. Or you go for a quick breakfast, get into your car and off to work.

Welcome to the era of the hybrid workplace.

Kaseya Hack Statement
05 Jul 2021

Kaseya Hack Statement

Written by David

On Friday 2nd July 2021, a sophisticated supply-chain Ransomware attack by the Russian-linked group REvil hit a widely used technology management software from a Miami-based supplier called Kaseya. This is a statement from Nimbus Blue on the attack for the benefit of our customers.

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