Aberdeen-based IT managed services provider celebrates 10th anniversary

Nimbus Blue, an Aberdeen-based IT managed services provider marks its 10th year of business this October. Founded in 2010, Nimbus Blue specialises in strategic IT management and cybersecurity.

Have You Noticed an Increase in Phishing Attacks?

There's been a 350% increase in phishing attacks amid the Covid-19 pandemic. SMEs and corporate businesses can take steps to mitigate these attacks. See this video for how phishing simulation and training helps to arm yourself against them.

Business Continuity – What to Do About Cyber Security during a Global Pandemic?

According to a recent Entrepreneur.com article, over 50% of companies do not have any business continuity plans in place to deal with emergencies such as the COVID-19 outbreak. Every year brings new threats to business and human life. Such threats include wars, natural disasters and pandemics so organisations need to be as prepared as possible for these unforeseen risks.

Organic Growth in SMEs
30 Jan 2020

Organic Growth in SMEs

Written by David

In December last year, our MD, David Tawse was on the Doqaru Sofa Chats podcast, hosted by Sarah Downs and Yekemi Otaru. Season 1, the current series, focuses on the different ways that businesses grow. 

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